Starting your career or thinking about switching to a new one? Want to learn more and earn more by pursuing a career in the skilled trades?

LNG Canada is offering tuition-free training designed to help women start – and succeed – in the skilled trades, including a direct opportunity for employment with our prime contractor, JGC Fluor, and its subcontractors. Our four-week custom training program is delivered by Women Building Futures, an organization with over 20 years’ experience preparing, training and supporting women to succeed in the trades. This training program is the door to a fulfilling career: it provides an introduction to in-demand trades, and will prepare you for an opportunity to work on the construction of the LNG Canada facility in Kitimat, British Columbia.

LNG Canada has a PLACE for you

LNG Canada is building the first large-scale liquefied natural gas (LNG) export facility in British Columbia, and in the process, we’re putting Canada on the global map of LNG exporting countries.

We’re working with JGC Fluor, the company contracted to build our facility in Kitimat. At the peak of construction, our Project will need approximately 7,500 workers. Our preference is to hire construction and skilled trades workers from the local area and within British Columbia, before recruiting from other parts of Canada. Our workPLACE aims to be inclusive, with opportunities for entry-level workers, apprentices, and Red Seal tradespeople.

YOUR PLACE in the Skilled Trades


You can learn more and earn more with a career in the skilled trades.


Skilled trades play an important role in our economy and society. The sector touches almost every aspect of our lives.


Women are succeeding in the skilled trades every day and earning apprenticeships. Tradeswomen report high levels of job satisfaction and increased confidence.

Our workPLACE


We have created a workplace that respects and celebrates diversity.


The opportunity to work on an important energy project, the first of its kind in British Columbia and the largest private sector investment in Canadian history.


We’re committed to creating team-focused workSPACE and accommodations that are free from harassment, hazing, bullying and discrimination.

YOUR PLACE to train and build a career in the skilled trades.

Our tuition-free, four-week training program is delivered by Women Building Futures, an organization with over 20 years’ experience preparing, training and supporting women to succeed in the skilled trades. They’ve designed small classes to help ensure you receive a hands-on, tailored experience. Upon successful completion, you’ll be prepared and feel confident to take on an entry-level job in construction. You’ll also have the opportunity to apply directly for a position with JGC Fluor or one of its subcontractors.

Our training will help you:

  • Learn essential safety awareness and earn certifications.

  • Learn best practices for working in construction.

  • Gain exposure to technical skills through hands-on practice, with a focus on high-demand trades.

  • For women from outside the local area, experience the fly in/fly out construction culture by attending our training program and staying in accommodation we provide for you in Kitimat, BC.

  • Create relationships and shared experiences with other students as you progress through the program.

  • Enjoy continued support after graduating from the training program to help navigate your apprenticeship journey.

  • Learn how to apply directly for a job on the LNG Canada Project.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does training cost?

The LNG Canada Project is removing barriers for women who want to enter the skilled trades by covering the costs of tuition and personal protective gear, as well as airfare to and from the training in Kitimat, and accommodation for participants from outside the local area.

Where is training?

Our training program takes place in Kitimat, BC, in the traditional territory of the Haisla Nation and the building site of our LNG facility. Classes are conducted at the Kitimat Valley Institute (KVI) in its specialized Trades Centre, which is nearby to the LNG facility building site. This is a full-time program and classes will run Monday - Friday (8:00 - 5:00 pm).

When are the application deadlines and the training programs?

Women Building Futures is currently scheduling training sessions for 2019 and 2020. Click here for the latest application instructions and program dates.

Which trades do we focus on in the training program?

We’ve assessed the trades we expect to be in high-demand during the construction of our Project and in BC in the coming years. Training will focus, in part, on:

  • Construction Craft Workers (Labourers)
  • Heavy Equipment Operators
  • Electricians
  • Welders
  • Pipefitters
  • Ironworkers
Who can apply?

Any 18+ woman (or identifies as) who meets the following criteria:

  • A legal resident of British Columbia
  • Has successfully completed grade 10 (or Canadian equivalent)
  • Is able to attend a four-week training program in Kitimat, British Columbia. This is a full-time program and classes will run Monday - Friday (8:00 - 5:00 pm)
  • For those who live outside of the Kitimat area, to be employed on the Project, you must work on a fly-in/fly-out shift rotation
  • Is willing and able to complete a drug and alcohol screening and fitness test

Like any career, the trades aren’t for everyone, and your successful application will depend on your interest, ambition, skills, physical fitness, health and work ethic. To be a successful candidate, you need the following attributes:

  • A passion for learning
  • Physically fit
  • Strong work ethic and personal initiative
  • Positive attitude every day
  • Be prepared to fit into the construction workPLACE culture
  • For women living outside the local area, to advance to a job on the LNG Canada Project, be prepared to work on a fly-in/fly-out rotation to the Kitimat work site (transportation is paid for by your employer) and live in LNG Canada’s workforce accommodation centre during your time working on site
How do I get accepted?

If you meet the initial requirements, Women Building Futures, our training provider, will invite you to a screening interview. Women Building Futures will answer your questions and help you decide if you’re a good fit to pursue a career in the skilled trades.

We’re accepting students based on a successful application and interview. First-come, first-served for the specific training program dates.

How can I get more information?
  • Join an online webinar or attend a live information session near you. Check the schedule.
  • Read more details about what to expect during training here.
  • Contact us with questions about training: [email protected]
  • Keep reading for more information about the LNG Canada Project.

YOUR workPLACE of Choice

When LNG Canada first started planning our export facility in 2010, we recognized that to fully realize the benefits that a project like ours can bring to local communities and the province, we needed to ensure there would be a skilled workforce available to build and operate the facility. We created a comprehensive workforce development strategy that included new career opportunities, especially for local First Nations and women across BC. Women make up almost half the general workforce in the province, but just under 5% of skilled construction workers on a typical worksite. We’re working to improve that.

To achieve our goal of employing more women in trades working on the LNG Canada Project, we’re collaborating with like-minded organizations to encourage women to begin their trade apprenticeships and grow their trade careers on our Project.

  • We work closely with the BC Construction Association and signed on to their newly-launched Builders Code initiative, which encourages employers to create a workPLACE that is free of harassment, discrimination, hazing and bullying.
  • We’re a signatory to Equal by 30, a federal initiative that seeks employment equity for women.
  • Our prime contractor, JGC Fluor is committed to offering employment opportunities to graduates of the YOUR PLACE training program.
  • We’re working with Women Building Futures to deliver YOUR PLACE training.

A PLACE to stay

We anticipate women will come from the local area and across British Columbia. All women will work on a rotational basis, but for women from outside the local area, they’ll fly in-fly out, with the cost of flights and accommodation covered by their employer.

We’re building additional state-of-the-art accommodation, Cedar Valley Lodge, that will be ‘‘home’’ for our workforce (anticipated opening May 2020):

  • Designed to be safe and comfortable for both women and men
  • Private accommodation with your own shower and washroom
  • Built to ensure private, quiet rest space
  • Onsite dining, with meals provided at no cost
  • Social programs, entertainment areas, a bar and alcohol-free areas
  • On site medical clinic

Already an apprentice, or have trades experience?
This is the PLACE to advance your career.

There is no better time to support and empower women in the skilled trades. With close to 7,500 workers needed at the peak of construction, LNG Canada and our prime contractor, JGC Fluor, are working to ensure there is a PLACE for more women. In British Columbia, women make up almost half the general workforce, but just under 5% of skilled construction workers on a typical worksite. Our goal is to change that and increase the number of women working on our project.

We have committed to creating a workPLACE and state-of-the-art accommodation centre that are inclusive and welcoming; a PLACE that respects and celebrates diversity.

Visit the JGC Fluor website to stay on top of current job opportunities, as well as links to job listings with its sub-contractors.

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